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Catch the next wave We are a modern digital consultancy and technology company.

The breakline is the point in the ocean where waves start to form offshore—the exact moment the surf changes from maximum potential to kinetic energy.

If you want to experience where the waves can take you, the Breakline is where you need to begin.

We develop elegant platforms, experiences, and strategies for brands eager to take advantage of the next wave and make waves of their own.

What we do

Digital transformation for the modern world.

We create digital experiences.

Achieving business goals, fostering deeper customer loyalty, and increasing revenue.

We collaborate
on solutions.

Our team has worked together for over 15 years, developing innovative solutions & platforms.

We do what we say
we will do.

Our customer promise is ultimately at the heart of what makes us different.

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Our work

Our portfolio of work includes digital transformations that lead to better experiences for our clients and their customers and stakeholders.


A rebrand for the country's premier health and wellness distribution company.

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A banking partnership that showcases the best rates and member experience.

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S&P Global

Environmental, Social, and Governance solutions for conscientious investors.

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Interested in riding the wave?

Drop on in and leave us a note or call 646.400.5798.