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UNKNWN A new omni-channel web experience

Breakline launched UNKNWN's new omni-channel web experience in winter of 2015.

A huge hit with it's target market, Breakline launched a number of innovative features including:

  • Mobile optimized custom theme with self-configuring layout
  • Instagram Shop—A shoppable feed of UNKNWN's award winning Instagram experience.
  • In-Context shopping—All Editorials, Lookbooks, Blog posts are shoppable without leaving the content the user is experiencing
  • Custom Logo and branding including the ”23“ font.
  • A new mobile app/experience to fairly allocate high demand Release Day merchandise including sneakers.
  • A secure and convenient Contact-To-Order form to deliver high demand product to validated end users.

Identify System

A new look and new identity system.

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