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The Breakline Service Platform is an industry leading platform for managing interest rates and their disclosures for all your owned, earned and paid marketing channels.

Measurable benefits for your stakeholder team include:

  • Marketing Focus team on campaign creation and distribution
  • Compliance Test and validate platform at any time
  • Legal Easily create and maintain legal disclosures
  • Information Technology Focus on maintaining infrastructure surrounding owned channels
  • Regulator Receive compliance, rate and disclosure history reports
  • Affinity Partner Perform marketing functions largely independent of communication with core business unit/brand

If your business operates in any of the spaces below, ask us how we can ensure your digital marketing machine is both high performing and ".com compliant".


Breakline's service oriented platform facilitates Marketing Automation through "dynamic content injection", our term for ensuring your Interest rates and their disclosures are placed into every piece of content that you deliver including:

  • Interest Rate Tables
  • Featured Interest Rates
  • Banner Ads
  • Competitor Interest Rate Tables
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Disclosures
  • Print Campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing Campaigns
  • Calculators
  • Social Media Websites

Breakline allows online marketers to achieve ".com Compliance" by ensuring appropriate disclosures are injected into content when and where needed.

Admin interface

The service platforms Admin interface provides role-based access control ('RBAC') which allows authorized users to analyze, create, assign, publish, and consume content through an industry standard system of least privilege. This ensures users access only the information need.


Assign & authorize user permissions.


Create products, tiers, rates, disclosures & users.


Protect private data.


Analyze competitive and product history.


Publish data to all channels.


Consume data across all channels.

Competitor information

Through our various data partnerships, the platform consumes and redistributes information about your competitors through web services. This makes it easy for you to show how your interest rates and services compare to competitors.

Distributed widgets

The platform can display content in the form of a branded widget for use in paid editorials ads or other types of ad placements. These widgets ensure the display of your content is accurate, on brand and in the appropriate location.

Interest rate updates

Your team may spend a significant amount of time updating interest rates and disclosures. We provide a secure and compliant way for you to get your interest rates from Treasury to us. Once we receive your data, we take care of the rest, distributing in real-time to all your owned, earned, and paid channels. The platform comes with three standard update methods, but we can also implement a compliant and custom process for your organization. Current update methods include:

  • SFTP / FTP
  • Web Service (SOAP)
  • File upload

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