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Delaware One Stop A registration & licensing portal

The Delaware One Stop is an innovative, unified online platform designed to simplify the process of starting and managing a business in Delaware using the Salesforce Platform. By consolidating access to various agency activities and requirements into a single shared services platform, it significantly streamlines the administrative burden on business owners while making it easy for administrators to do their job as well. Businesses can register their business, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and comply with state regulations all through this centralized portal. This significantly reduces the burden of navigating through multiple state agency websites or offices, saving time and reducing complexity for business owners.

Delaware One Stop offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources aimed at both new and existing businesses. For those looking to start a new venture, the platform guides users through the process of selecting a business structure, registering the business name, and securing the required state licenses. For existing businesses, it provides services for renewing licenses, filing annual reports, and updating business information. The platform's user-friendly interface ensures that accessing these services is straightforward and efficient, making compliance with state regulations less daunting.

Moreover, Delaware One Stop serves as an informational resource, offering guidance on best practices for starting and growing a business, as well as links to additional support services offered by the state. This includes financial assistance programs, tax information, and tips for expanding a business. By centralizing access to such a wide array of services and resources, Delaware One Stop embodies a forward-thinking approach to government-business interactions, fostering a supportive environment for entrepreneurship and business growth in the state.For this implementation, Breakline leveraged the Salesforce GovCloud platform together with the Salesforce Community Cloud. This solution is ideally suited to help small and mid-sized businesses operate in a compliant and productive way with Delaware state agencies. All driven from the trusted Salesforce Cloud.


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