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Delaware Department of Labor Ensuring compliance and accountability.

The Delaware Contractor Registration Act (19 Del.Chapter 36) protects construction contractors, workers, and Delaware taxpayers alike by ensuring service providers involved in a construction project meet a minimum standards requirement. Breakline developed and continues to maintain the solution realized as a custom workflow module within the Delaware One Stop platform's Flow Manager architecture.

Delivered as a multilingual solution, currently in both English and Spanish, the module comes complete with advanced workflow processing allowing contractors to complete the all digital experience within the trusted and familiar One Stop framework. Administrators process applications, communicating freely back and forth with the service provider through an audited platform, and eventually deliver digital certificates of compliance. Requests for more info are dispositioned through custom configured flows within Salesforce Service Cloud.

Ultimately, certified contractors become part of the Delaware Contractor Public Registry which is delivered as an easy to use faceted search module. The registry allows interested parties to research contractors thus ensuring their work is compliant within the designed regulatory framework.

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