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Chase Home Finance Lead generation and management — vetted & compliant

Over 5 years, the system served hundreds of thousands of leads, and generated millions of dollars, in First Mortgages and Home Refinances over 5 years and in over 300 Chase offices.

  • Saas based lead management application
  • Both owned and third party lead aggregator data available in real-time
  • Target Leads Distribution to vetted employees
  • Flexible rules engine (location, credit scoring, interest rates)
  • Supported telemarking channel with direct mailings
  • Sophisticated Reporting Services based on location, lead type, and demographics
  • 4 channels and 3 core programs
  • Over 3000 employees
  • 50,000 leads per month server
  • >$200 MM in loan revenue per year

Interested in riding the wave?

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