Breakline Service Platform

The Breakline Service Platform distributes content, data, and disclosures all on a fully audited platform available today. Our fully reactive platform is Responsive, Resilient, Elastic, and Message Driven.

The Breakline Service Platform’s core features include:

  • Distributed and secure web service API interface ensuring your marketing and compliance teams feel safe and secure in all your digital marketing needs.
  • Widget interface and theme engine allows you to distribute lightweight and adaptive user interfaces to your content partners on demand.
  • High volume low latency data delivery services.
  • Advanced digital reporting and verifiable auditing trail shows your marketing and compliance team exactly what content is being consumed and where.

If your business operates in any of the spaces below, ask us how we can ensure your digital marketing machine is both high performing and “.com compliant”.

  • Asset Management
  • Retail Banking
  • Mortgages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Devices
  • Insurance
  • eCommerce
  • Food
  • Drugs
  • Cosmetics
High Availability